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Getting People on Board

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Over the past several weeks, I’ve been chatting with leaders in HR across various industries about employee engagement and HR metrics. And while there have been a few consistent themes across the board which I’ll be releasing in an upcoming white paper, one that has surprised me the most was something we weren’t looking for: the trouble HR leadership is having getting other leaders “on board.”

Back in the day, when HR was prominently “Personnel” and wasn’t tasked with leading initiatives, we weren’t doing much asking – we were following directions. But as HR continues to take a more strategic lead, we need to get the rest of the company on board with the changes, activities and projects we’re working on.

And it’s not working out so well for many HR organizations.

In fact, I’d say we’re pretty much failing. Not for every project, not at every company, and not every time. But we’re still constantly fighting the uphill battle to “convince” our peers to buy-in to what we’re selling.

And holy cow batman, we are terrible sales people.

Why aren’t people getting on the bus we’re driving? Or conversely, why does the organization always listen to Finance without question, and we’re still begging and pleading for an audience and then compliance? Read More