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HR’s “Seat at the Table”

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During that last 25 years of HR, one of the big aspects has been, and continues to be that Human Resources wants “a seat at the table,” meaning its leaders are getting invited to major decision-making meetings with a revenue focus. Traditionally, HR leaders are not invited to such meetings, because oftentimes the more senior, bottom-line-focused executives do not think of them as people who add monetary value to the business.

Luckily for all of us, this is starting to evolve. You’re seeing it change at more in forward-thinking places such as Silicon Valley, but smaller upstart companies are coming to scale with HR periodically in one of those “seats at the table.”

But now there’s another problem: people that are interested in, and came up through HR, traditionally don’t have as strong of a business background. They may understand how to balance a budget, but they tend to not be as strong with fiscal responsibility to the business (and Board)… or how to prove their value.

As someone who has their MBA in an HR-focused program and after comparing notes with someone who did a different graduate program focused on HR at a top-three school, graduate learning for HR still isn’t focused on the right things. If we were asked to focus on revenue plays, compound growth, or even statistics and data analysis… everyone would break out in hives.

Point being: often HR people aren’t thinking along the same lines of, or using the same vocabulary as, more conventional business leaders or leaders in different departments.

In 2015, via a SHRM study, there was a 7-percent drop in how other executives viewed the role of HR in their companies. Even as more HR departments want that “seat at the table,” it seems as though HR’s reputation is moving in the wrong direction.

Part of the problem continues to come back to: when HR finally get their “seat,” what value can they add? What should their leaders be doing first to retain said seat? Read More

How Aligned is Your HR Structure?

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Human Resources can be a bit confusing as a department – with each organization creating a different HR alignment or structure for how we get things done. Are you in Recruiting or Talent Acquisition? Do you deliver training in Learning and Development, Training or Organizational Development? Or maybe you do everything under the sun and are a “generalist” or “business partner.”

HR doesn’t translate well across different organizations, which makes it very difficult for employees and leaders outside of HR to understand what it is we do… or what your role, specifically is.

I remember after a large HR reorg into the “new transformational strategic structure” (ahem, centers of excellence), how many darn emails I got a day from employees asking me one thing: where or who do I go to for X?

To our team it was (mostly) clear – who does what, what department is responsible for certain activities and so on. I mean, we operated in silos – so if it wasn’t my responsibility, I kicked it over to the right expertise center or pointed them to a complicated org chart indicating where they could find help next. We’ve all been there, right?

And sure, the way other departments are organized are different at different companies – Finance and Marketing could be split a million different ways.

BUT, with HR being such a fluid “entity,” are we doing a good enough job aligning ourselves with the business in a meaningful way?

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