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Annual Enrollment Not Going as Planned? Stop Doing This Immediately

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And once again, you’re likely in the thick of Annual Enrollment – how did that happen? Maybe it’s not going so well this year. Maybe your employees aren’t signing up, renewing or choosing the plans you want them to. Or worse, they are simply ignoring it altogether… leaving you open to hundreds (thousands?) of calls in a week or so, when there’s nothing you can do about it.

Regardless of the reason or the situation, if your Annual Enrollment isn’t performing as you hoped it would, let’s get you back on track immediately.

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3 Tricks to Write Better Employee Emails

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As we continue to explore Open Enrollment communications along with how HR can be better marketers, it’s time to get down to the tactics of how you can instantly and easily change the quality of the email messages you send to your employees – whether it’s for Open Enrollment or any other HR-related project from here on out. Let’s get started.

1. Start with the subject line

You probably already know this little nugget – a strong subject line will entice more readers to open your email. But how does that really translate into the emails that you’re crafting?

First, don’t fall for the fallacy that because the email is being sent from the “HR mailbox,” that it will automatically be opened. That mind trick may work for a handful of your audience, but for most people who are overwhelmed with email, they’ll only open items that are urgent and important to them. A senior leader or HR may hold slightly more weight, but it’s not something to rely on.

Spend time on your subject line, to ensure that it has a call to action (more on this below) and is something that the majority of your population will feel invested in. Think about your personal email inboxes – do you open emails that have boring subject lines if you’re not personally acquainted with the person? Likely not. Your employees have the same reactions and behaviors as you do.

Make your subject line short and actionable, providing them a reason to keep reading. Some things to consider:

  • Ask a burning question in your subject line that your email can answer
  • What is the most critical part of your email, that the employee must learn
  • Is there a way to add humor to your subject line
  • Can you begin the story here

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4 Smart HR Metrics for Open Enrollment

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Many of us are starting, or at least starting to get aggressive, with our upcoming Open Enrollment campaigns… even though it’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. That being said, we have found that Open Enrollment, more than any other HR activity, is significantly behind in having HR metrics in place and being analyzed.

Which is crazy. Because how much money does your company spend on Open Enrollment each year?

If you’re using a big consulting company, like so many of you do (let’s talk about that) – you’re spending well over $500k year-over-year.

And you’re getting an off-the-shelf solution for your organization without investigating the metrics. Or even getting meaningful metrics in most cases.

So to help you better plan and get the information you deserve from your Open Enrollment partners, here are four metrics you need to ask for and implement for your forthcoming Open Enrollment period (and year-after-year from here on out!).

1. Email Open Rates

While you’re likely using many different channels of communication to reach your organization, most of us still rely on email to deliver a lot of information about Open Enrollment. But I know for a fact, that more than 80% of you, are not tracking your communications appropriately – and that starts with email.

There is no excuse for not tracking your email delivery and open rates. Read More