How We Can Help 

MConnected is committed to helping our clients easily connect and engage with their employees – creating meaningful results for their HR organization, and ultimately the business.

Whether it’s creating a communications strategy or implementing HR metrics, our team of experienced consultants work across all phases of employee-facing projects to deliver results that consistently deliver above expectations.

Data and metrics drive every business, including a high-functioning HR department. Knowing the data-story behind your HR activities is not only critical to earn your seat at the table, but also allows HR to be a part of the overall strategy. Tracking the right metrics and being able to tell the story behind the data and how the data is tied to the overall mission, makes HR indispensable.

  • HR metrics evaluation that take what you’re already tracking, to the next level
  • Data strategy to maximize HR activities and solutions
  • Datafication of HR – determining the best metrics for your HR team to track and how to implement and incorporate those metrics into your daily HR activities
  • Storytelling for HR – taking your data from numbers to actual results

Your employees receive so many communications on a daily basis – are the important messages getting through? Having an employee communication strategy that focuses on reaching your entire employee population – multi-generations, various channels, personalized messages, will ensure your HR change management activities are successful.

  • Employee communications campaign strategy personalized to your company’s unique employee population
  • Change management strategy and tactical implementation ensuring your HR investments are being fully integrated
  • SharePoint and web service solutions that maximize your budget, reach and value
  • Internal HR communication evaluation, training and strategy

Your benefits are a small part of the Total Rewards you offer at your company – isn’t it time to communicate what differentiates your company from the competition? Being able to share your unique culture, rewards, benefits, and opportunities to external candidates and internal employees, will continue to provide you with a strategic advantage in retaining and engaging your top talent.

  • Open Enrollment strategy and tactical implementation – customized strategy to reach your entire employee population
  • Total Rewards strategy evaluation and creation ensuring the goals of your program are being met (wellness, benefits, culture, and more)
  • Web solutions to communicate your total rewards to internal and external audiences